In Your Light

Lord, your word is the lamp,
that guides us along the way.
The light in the darkness,
that begins with each new day.

A purpose You have planned,
for every one of our steps.
If only we would just believe,
and follow after Your concepts.

For You know the path to take,
the way in which we should go.
As You have gone out before us,
and Your way You want to show.

Sometimes we talk the talk,
and we say we follow after You.
But if the truth were to be told,
it is not always what we do.

For all of us are born of sin,
and there is nothing we can do.
The only way to walk the talk,
is hand and hand with you.

I know alone we are nothing,
and we'll surely lose our way.
Unless that is of course we rise,
in Your light with each new day.

Psalm 119:105

Copyright 2011
Deborah Ann Belka

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